Star Light, Star Bright!

Hello everyone!! Hope your day is going as planned or even better.  I am having a fabulous day especially since I am in my robe and finished eating sushi for lunch! 

So lets get down to fashion and talk about the newest addition to my accessory collection.  If you are confused with the title of this blog you should just take a look at my gorgeous earrings.  They deserved a blog post of their own and of course with a cute outfit.  But I am sooooooo in love with my new earrings that I received as a gift from my mom!  My mom is amazing and has such great style!  These earrings were purchased from a local boutique here in Miami called Savvy and Sole Mate boutique.  I absolutely love their store since they carry such unique and gorgeous pieces of clothing and accessories. 

I must be on a Colombian craze because the designer of these earrings are Mercedes Salazar.  Her jewelry is a work of art that I have fallen in love with.  They are pricey pieces ranging from $170-$300 but they are so unique and gorgeous to own a pair is worth it. 

These earrings made this look so much fun adding that pop of color to the blues and whites.  The top I got half off at It is such a fun top to wear since it is a high low off the shoulder top with small tear details that matched my sandals.  The sandals were purchased at a local shoe store called Chiffino.  I got them for $15 and they are amazing and so comfortable!  My white denim pants are from 7 for all mankind jeans.  They were purchased on my little getaway to Orlando and I hit up the outlet shops and snagged these for $59.  

For my purse I decided to use my all time favorite bag for the summer.  My Gucci backpack has been an absolute favorite of mine to wear especially for this time.  I feel like backpacks are in and I am LOVING it!  There are so many styles to choose from now and you will be seeing more of them on here.  You will also notice that my style is taking affordable pieces of clothing and pairing them some expensive pieces of accessories.  I don't believe in spending thousands on clothing but when it comes to shoes and handbags I don't mind saving up and buying certain pieces that I love.  I feel like those are my collector items just like someone would collect pieces of art I do the same with my handbags and shoes.  

Hope you enjoyed this look right here and stay tuned for more fashion and fun on the blog!

Below are the links to every piece of my outfit