Summer Statement Earrings

It is Fashion Wednesday on the blog! YAY! And this one will be something that I am absolutely obsessing about....Summer Statement Earrings! 

I am not a big jewelry girl when it comes to having a million pieces on me at once.  Usually feels like too much is on me so I try to stick to one piece of jewelry when I dress up.  For example it would be a statement piece like a necklace, earring or bracelet. The rest of my jewelry would be something very subtle and small. So for today we are going to talk about my must have earrings for the summertime!  



For the summer time I feel like you would need a large detailed statement set, ball drop earrings, tassels and fringe, and a nice pair of hoop earrings!  The above photo shows already three examples of the four that I mentioned.  Below the image is where you can find each piece. 

A great example of a detailed statement piece is the pair pictured below from  It is large and has many different colors and embellishments on it.  If you want to take your outfit to the next level I would suggest investing in a pair similar to these.

Tassels and fringe are also a must in my collection.  It adds a fun and flirty look to your whole outfit.  Some great pieces are pictured below from my favorite jewelry company called Bauble Bar and also Shashi jewelry!

And last but not least are my favorite pair of hoop earrings.  They are large in size but they are so stunning and make such a difference to your outfit.  I got these at and they are called the Gold Post Hoop.  These are a must for any jewelry collection!

There you have my four must have Summer Statement Earrings!  Remember always to let your personality shine through with whatever you wear. Until next time my friends!