High Collars in NYC

Good Morning my Fashionistas!  So excited to share this post with you on Fashion Wednesdays because I loved wearing this whole look in NYC!  Shopping for NYC was easy since I found all of my looks from Zara.com!  Zara has always been a must go when looking for special and unique pieces and that is why it won over other websites for my outfits. Enjoy this look below as much as I enjoyed wearing it!


Now enough pictures about the outfit and lets talk about the earrings! I didn't get these at Zara I got them at Baublebar! They are to die for and go with so many different looks. Probably my favorite pair of earrings that I have bought from Baublebar.


Hope you loved this look! All the names of the items worn are down below with the website link to search the name. See you next week!