Why Invest In High End Brands And Tips To Know Before Buying Your First Piece

Hello Fashionistas! Todays blog post is something I have been wanting to share for a while now. When I share my high end brand shoes and bags on social media it isn't to show off what I own. These pieces are collector items that I love to invest in. A fellow blogger named Tessa Alana Port from www.honestdarling.com wrote a post on why you should invest in high end brands. I got motivated after reading her post to share my own thoughts about this. 


For about six years now I have been collecting high end brand purses and shoes. If someone were to ask me what I would invest in I would have to say handbags and then shoes. Most of the bags you see on my blog are bags that I have had for a few years now. Picking the right bag will make sure that your investment goes a long way and it will never go out of style. 

As for shoes I used to be the girl that would buy a pair of cheap shoes and expect them to last me all night. I was so wrong when all I would end up with would be a broken heel (true story) and major blisters! So my mom and my sister convinced to invest in a pair of good shoes and trust me I haven't looked back on my old habits. 

Of course some shoes will give you blisters since you have to break them in. But high end brands invest in great support for your feet. For purses when I was younger and I would buy cheap bags they would break on me all the time. I would keep tossing them out. If your high end brand breaks you can always send it to the store or brand you bought it from and they will fix it for you. 


Here are some tips when buying a bag or a pair of high end shoes

- Before buying make sure that it is a piece that you can wear more than once. There are a lot of seasonal pieces that are gorgeous but reality is you can wear it once and then it is out of season. Especially when it comes to bags. For example would be Gucci and there insect bags which are to die for. But I would rather spend my money on a classic Gucci bag rather than a seasonal one that has the cute bugs on it. I can probably wear it only a few times rather than making it a bag I can wear for months and years. 

- Always stay within your budget you don't want to be in debt buying all these bags and shoes. I always make sure that I have saved up my money and if I have some left over I would save up to purchase a bag or shoes. If certain bags are out of your budget my next tip will be a savior.

- Maybe consider buying a pre owned bag? Lots of places sell pre owned bags and they are places you can trust like @trendlee, @consigmentbar, @snobswap and @therealreal which you can find on Instagram. They sell and buy pre owned bags and shoes.

- You can also buy a bag or shoes and then sell it to buy a new one if you are the type that likes new bags every few months. 

- When you have finally purchased your item make sure to save the box, the tags, any paperwork it comes with and the baggie that you store it in. Why you ask? Because it will be valued more when you want to sell the bag in the future. So think twice before tossing all of that stuff out!

- Lastly, be proud of your purchase and rock the hell out of it. But also please take care of it. 

NatalieAtick Dec19 -44.jpg

Hope this  helped a lot with how to purchase high end brands, what to look for and other great tips that I love! Remember that these pieces won't break, tear or fall apart on you so these are a good investment. I have saved money from having to buy shoes or new bags because these pieces are timeless and I can wear them for many years.