Fashionably Warm in the Winter Time Part 1

Hello Fashionistas! Today is fashion Wednesdays and I thought it would be the perfect time to share my two favorites looks from my trip to NYC. I had a few friends ask me how to dress up for NYC since they are planning on going there during the cold winter time. So I put this post together with one look and next week with another to show you how to look put together and at the same time try and stay warm. Of course the key to all of this is layering and investing in a really good jacket that will keep you warm. When I travel to somewhere that I know is going to be very cold I make sure to pack a lot of layering pieces. For this look underneath my turtleneck dress I have two thermals on. Adding a scarf and vest helps to keep my neck and chest area warm. I have thermal leggings underneath my dress and the boots are able to cover those leggings. Adding my gloves for my hands help a lot. The key to staying warm is to keep your neck, ears, hands and feet covered. I also use a Canada Goose jacket when I need to walk the streets and the wind is blowing hard. It helps so much so if you can invest in a jacket that would be a smart idea. Thank you the AMAZING Lauren Lister from @laurelcreative for these amazing pictures. I am obsessed!

The vest and gloves are from Zara but they have sold out. But I did spot them at my local Zara so you can find them at the store

Also I linked from H&M a $7 belt which I believe is the dupe of the Gucci belt.


I get my layers from Under Armour thermals. My two layers and leggings are the thermal kind from the brand. If you don't want to layer two thermals I suggest getting at least one set from them that is the turtleneck thermal and thermal leggings.