Spring Fashion Favorites 2018

Good Morning fashionistas! Today's post is going to be all about my favorite fashion trends for Spring. I can say that putting this post together has been so fun because Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons for fashion. 

For Spring 2018 I am all about the cat eye sunnies, florals, mules and the color yellow! Below are 10 must haves for this season and also where to purchase each one. Also for a little added bonus I am going to give you a little secret on where to find dupes for some of the expensive items. 


1. Floral Print Dresses! I am a floral fan girl thats for sure! I was never into leopard but florals are my thing and I am so happy that is a spring trend. Something so soft and feminine about a lady in a floral dress. This one by Zimmermann is a stunning piece and perfect for any Spring celebration! Now this piece will set you back a bit since it costs $850. But that doesn't mean you have to purchase an $850 dress to be trendy for spring. It is just an example of what colors and style I love for this season when it comes to a spring floral piece. You can find this one if you do want to purchase it by clicking on the link below. 

2. Lele Sadoughi Crystal Lily Earrings in White Where do I even begin when talking about these gorgeous must have earrings! I am waiting for them to be back in stock to purchase because they are so stunning and such a gorgeous statement set to own. They are an absolute dream and I would probably wear these all year round since I live in Florida. Floral statement earrings are a must have for Spring. I have seen a few beauties similar to these on Baublebars website but nothing compares to Lele Sadoughi set.

3. Saint Laurent Lily Cat Eye Frame    8. Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses   9. Saint Laurent New Wave Lou Lou Sunglasses

I paired all three sunglasses into one category because I wanted to discuss my obsession with cat eye frames. Not only are they so flattering on the face but they create such a sexy look to any outfit. These styles I am in love with especially the embellished ones from Gucci. Now I know I spend on shoes and purses but I don't spend on sunglasses. I always try and find a dupe for sunnies. The secret to finding these dupes is one magical word. And that word is....AMAZON! Omg the fabulous things you can find on Amazon. I am going to include here key words to put in the search section of Amazon. Then you can search to find which ones you prefer and read the reviews as well. Some key words I use are "cat eye sunglasses for women" "heart shaped sunglasses" "retro cate eye sunglasses" "designer embellished cat eye sunglasses." All of these will lead you to dupe frames that will cost $7-$15 which is amazing!

4. Boyy Bag The bag by Boyy is my absolute favorite for spring time. I got it in a baby blue shade and it is such a dream piece to own. I think I want to get the baby pink shade since that is my favorite color but I will wait and see what I do since I have so many pink bags. You will be seeing the bag in a lot of my posts. I get complimented on it every time I wear it.

5. Floral Mules 6. Strappy Nude Mules I am a sucker for a fabulous mule and I will buy them in every heel height and shade! My favorites for fall are the floral printed or floral embellished mules. Also loving a gorgeous nude mule that you can pair with anything!

7. Shades of Yellow Pink is and will always be my favorite color especially with clothing. But and there is a big but there because I love yellow especially for Spring fashion! Nothing screams welcome Spring than a gorgeous bright yellow number like this adorable dress from TopShop! 

10. Cult Gaia Bags Cult Gaia bags have been in style now since last year Summer time and the new "it" bag for this season would be the round styled circle bag. These bags will range anywhere from $150-$350 and they are gorgeous! But if you are smart and search on AMAZON lol you will find dupes for so cheap its amazing and I bought two of them and they are gorgeous! You can use this in the search section of Amazon and find the dupe for only $34! The key words to put are "Round bamboo shoulder bag."  It will pop up and also have other dupes from cult gaia at a similar price! Now you can buy the original online from them but I would suggest going with the dupe. Remember bamboo can easily break and I would be pissed if I spent $250 on a bag and it broke.