How I Got That Perfect Selfie Smile! (Giveaway)

Good Morning Beauties! Today's post I will be getting very honest with you about an insecurity I have had for a long time. It almost felt like when this company contacted me to do a collaboration with them that it was meant to be.

My Insecurities!

So lets get real here and see how many people reading this post are happy with their smile? I know from personal experience I used to hate the color of my teeth. I had tried in 2016 an at home whitening kit from Crest and it honestly did nothing for me.  I was freaking out because I was getting married that year and my smile wasn't at its best. I hated the color of my teeth. They were not Instagram worthy since they were yellow. I am sure some of you are asking why I didn't go to the Dentist to get them whitened for the wedding? Well, my biggest fear was all of the harsh chemicals they would use that would make my teeth so sensitive. I got a kit from them once and the Doctor warned me that after the third use I would experience sensitivity. So I chickened out and said forget this.


My Solution

So now lets fast forward to March of 2018 when I got contacted from Smile Brilliant to try out their at-home teeth whitening system.  When I learned more about the product I was sold since it had a desensitizing gel to apply after each time you have whitened your teeth. And also that you didn't have to use those LED teeth whitening lights that I am not a fan of.


The Process

The whole process was a breeze and so easy to follow! The molds to make the teeth trays came with specific instructions and also taught you the best way to whiten your teeth. I made sure to whiten them for 2 weeks since they were yellow. I followed each whitening with a desensitizing gel and kept it on for longer than required to make sure my teeth didn't get sensitive.

I made these trays a part of my nighttime routine. If you know me by now you already know that I am very religious when it comes to my nighttime routine. Skipping it would not make me a happy camper. So this was the icing on top after all my skincare products. It seemed to be the best fit since I would go to bed after I finished the whole process and not ruin my results by eating or drinking.  


The Final Results

I am sure you are all wondering what my teeth look like now. Let me tell you I am so happy with my results. My teeth have whitened up and an added bonus is that they are not sensitive from the whitening system. Now posting my before picture is embarrassing because I can't believe that I was walking around with teeth that were so yellow. But now I have an all new confidence to my smile and I am happy that I do.


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