Floral Shirt Dresses Are My Fav!

Good Morning Fashionistas! Todays look is one of my favorite trends for this season. You will be seeing it a lot on the blog. I have been obsessed with floral shirt dresses. Most of the come with a wrap belt but I love adding an actual belt to change up the look.  If you go look into my closet you will see so many that I can't wait to put on for this season! All the details on this look are linked below. Also the shoes are from the website TheRealReal. They are preloved Ferragamo pumps and I am obsessed with them! Unfortunately that website is whatever you find thats a great deal and lucky its your size you get it! Thats how I got lucky with these!

Amazing photos by Jenise Subervi of Photos by Jenise

Natalie Atick 5.22.18-86-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-88-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-89-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-90-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-92-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-93-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-96-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-98-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-102-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-106-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-107-Edit-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-120-3.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-135.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-139.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-145.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-147.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-154-Edit.jpg
Natalie Atick 5.22.18-161.jpg