Best Tips for Sexy Lips!

Good Morning Beauties! Todays post is all going to be about keeping our lips looking gorgeous. For someone that has constant dry lips (my fault for not drinking enough water) this post was a must. And it was also a requested one so I am so happy to be writing this and sharing all my tips and tricks.


So lets begin with the steps to create a gorgeous canvas to apply your lipsticks and gloss.

1. Exfoliate - Exfoliation is very important! I am obsessed with the brand Trust Fund Baby Lipgasm Lip Scrub. Not only does it smell like heaven but it also tastes so good! Don't eat it but I promise you will be tempted to. This is thick scrub so I do recommend mixing it with a lip balm to soften it up a bit. Your lips are very sensitive just like the skin under your eyes so don't irritate them. 

2. Lip Plumper - Next I would apply a lip plumper. It can be any of your choice but PMD's smart lip plumping serum is amazing!! You can actually feel and see your lips increase in size its crazy. This isn't permanent its just temporary so don't expect your lips to stay that big. I wish they would cause they look so good after applying it on. This is a thick serum its more like a cream and it does leave a white coat on top of the lips. I always add some lip balm after a few minutes to smooth out the whiteness residue of the cream. 

3. Moisturize - Keeping your lips nice soft is a must and is the next step. I have tried all types of lip balm treatments but non of them have worked as well as Burt's Bees Overnight lip treatment. I use this morning and night and it leaves my lips so soft and never dry! It is amazing and a must have for dry lips. I know its an overnight treatment but I have to use it as well during the day it is that good. 

4. Lipstick Application - Next up is applying your lipstick! There are a few important steps to know since you can create a sexier application with the right techniques. First you would need a highlighter brush, a subtle highlighter, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss of choice. Before anything apply highlighter on the cupids bow of your lips which is the top points on the upper lip. This will give the illusion of a fuller upper lip. Then begin to apply the lip liner starting from the cupids bow and drawing down to the corners of your lips. Apply the same way for the lower lip and remember you can over draw a bit do not go over board on that or else it won't look natural. Then apply your lipstick right after and for your gloss to create a fuller look you can apply some of it in the middle of your lips and rub it in with both lips. Or apply it all over depending on the look you can going for.

I feel like doing these steps helps a lot with your lipstick application during the day. Especially if you use liquid matte lipsticks that tend to dry your lips out.

Lip Care Routine

These tools and serums are some of my favorites to maintain fuller younger looking lips. 

Microneedling - Microneedling your lips is a great way to boost collagen and create volume in your lips. My favorite tool to use is from Their GloPro is my absolute favorite and I have different heads for the tool to microneedle different parts of my face and body. I got the lip one a few months ago and love it! Remember that your lips are very sensitive so when microneedling them don't go overboard and don't go so hard. Be kind to your lips and trust me this technique works. You can see your lips look so plump after doing it.

Lip Serums - After microneedling I always apply a serum that has collagen in it. My favorite one is by Fillerina. I did a full review on it on my blog with a video to see my before and after results and its amazing. Only downfall is that you have to apply it about 5 times a day. I can get pretty busy during my day so its hard to always remember but it is so worth it! Attaching the link of my youtube video as well for you to see my experience with the before and after results.