The Robe Life Blog's 1 Year Anniversary!

I can't believe I am sitting here writing up my one year anniversary post for The Robe Life Blog. This is insane to me that last year around this time I was getting everything that I needed to get this blog started. At the moment I was going through a rough time and new from past experience that I needed a big distraction in my life. My passion was about my skincare routine, the latest makeup and latest trends in fashion. I can remember speaking to my friend Tina about starting a blog and Youtube channel. My exact words were  

"I am going to do it!" 
Then I ran to my husband who was in the garage at the time and told him all about it. As always being the best husband that he is believed in my and told me he supported my decision. So the driven Taurus inside of me started it right away. I got my lighting, my website and props that I needed and literally a week later I was ready to go! 

I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. This blog is my baby and I put my heart and soul into it with every post. Not a lot of people know what goes on behind the scenes but its a lot of prep work. It is done with lots of love for my followers because I want to share with you only the best! 


This is my thank you to you all for all the love and support on my first year with The Robe Life Blog. Even after a year my life consists of being in my robe reviewing new products and putting together fun and elegant looks for you. Everything here is for you to be inspired and always make you feel your absolute best self. This blog has helped me in so many ways especially when my mom passed away this year. It was something to look forward to when at the time I felt so alone. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you for letting me share my passion with you!