Proud To Be A Girl Boss!

Good Morning Fashionistas! This weeks blog post is a fun business look that I loved putting together! Who says work has to be boring attire right? Also wanted to share my story on how I started my own business six years ago with my love for photography. For those of you who don't know I am a full time baby photographer. I blog on the side but my passion is photography and I love photographing babies! 

Photos by Jenise of Photos by Jenise

In 2011 I had a food blog that I called FoodAtick and I would post two meals a week! I made sure the pictures looked amazing so I studied photography and fell in love with it! My boyfriend at the time who is now my husband was a photographer and he helped me learn so much! In April of 2012 I turned my passion into a business by opening up my baby photography business. I photographed a friends baby and fell in love! I can't believe its now been 6 years already photographing so many little ones. I stopped the food blog because I didn't have time anymore and the business took off immediately. Which was such a huge blessing.

Natalie Atick Photography has been such a big part of my life. And I owe a lot of it to my mom that believed in me from the beginning! I will always be thankful for her pushing me to be the best that I can be. Thats why I support all these women with their own business because thats what we should do! Supporting each other is what we should do! I learned this from my mom. This blog post is dedicated to all the Girl Bosses out there! And a big dedication to my MOM especially since Mother's Day is coming this week.

This entire look was purchased at the Zara store at Aventura Mall. The bag was my mothers purse and I am so proud to wear it with this look. I love you Mom.

Natalie Atick April 26 2018-32.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-47.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-10.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-49.jpg

Earrings are sold out online but you can still find them at the store! But here are a similar pair from Zara.

Natalie Atick April 26 2018-54.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-13.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-25.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-60.jpg
Natalie Atick April 26 2018-67.jpg